How To Install BarterDEX on Linux

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This page will guide you through the steps to install BarterDEX, the SuperNET decentralized exchange engine, in Linux. This has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus).

To run BarterDEX, you need both Komodo and the SuperNET Iguana code in your machine.

1 Install Komodo

For a fully detailed guide to install Komodo in a Linux machine, see How To Install Komodo. If you are already familiar with the tools and have all dependencies installed, this is a quick summary:

Download latest Komodo:

git clone

Build the komodo executables. This will take a little time.

cd komodo

Launch Komodo the way you prefer, for example

cd src
./komodod &

While Komodo is synchronizing with the network for the first time, you can get the Iguana side configured.

2 Configure Iguana for BarterDEX

Download the SuperNET code:

git clone

Currently, the SuperNET development branch is needed in order to run BarterDEX. Switch to that branch in your local repository:

cd SuperNET/iguana
checkout dev

Now you can install the API scripts required to use BarterDEX. The following install command will copy them to the SuperNET/iguana/dexscripts directory, from where you can run them and customize them if you want without conflicting with SuperNET software updates.

cd exchanges

Set your user password.

nano userpass

Replace <put the userpass value from the first API call here> with a strong password of your choice. This password will be required to run any private API BarterDEX requests. Save and close the file. Then set the passphrase for the wallet you want to use with BarterDEX.

nano passphrase

Replace <put a very strong passphrase here> with the passphrase. This can be the passphrase for a wallet already existing in Iguana, or a passphrase for a new wallet. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you use a long, random string as passphrase. For instance, a 64 characters string including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. It is also important that you save a copy in a secure place!! FInally, copy your userpass and passphrase data to the SuperNET/iguana/dexscripts directory, and move there.

cp passphrase userpass ../dexscripts
cd ../dexscripts

Now you are ready to start running BarterDEX. Follow reading at How To Run BarterDEX.